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Domestic Violence

These groups deal with violence, including verbal and emotional violence.  They are for people concerned about violence in their lives and relationships, and for those who are court-ordered.  The groups cover the emotion of anger: why we get (too) angry, (too) often, and have bad outcomes.  The groups provide information about what causes excessive anger and uncontrolled violence.  And, most importantly, they cover what we can do about anger and violence in our lives.   This program is approved by the Napa Probation Department.

Programs offered in English and Spanish.

HOME - Honoring and Owning Men’s Emotions.

HOWE - Honoring and Owning Women’s Emotions.  

Alternatives offers as many as 5 groups per week; morning and evening, two in Spanish including remote (Zoom)

Client Forms

Forms 1-4 must be completed in order to be enrolled in the program.

Please complete in English or Spanish.

Payment may be brought in person to Alternatives for Better Living

or submitted via PayPal at or Venmo @AlternativesforBetterLiving.

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