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Everything we do at Alternatives is always guided by our vision.  It is that we believe all people are the SAME : we are all trying to make happier, more satisfying lives for ourselves and our families.  And, we are all DIFFERENT in the skills, knowledge and other resources we have to make that happen.  At Alternatives we provide support, information and training to help every person we see get those skills, or that knowledge, or that new perspective to make their lives happier, the lives of their families happier, and improve our community.

Why did I do that?!  I hate the way I feel!  Part of this class is to help us understand our feelings.  Another part of this class is to find ways we can change our behavior.  Most of this class is about how to have a happier more satisfying life.
This 12-26 week skill-building program is led by a licensed therapist and/or by a graduate level psychologist and supervised by a licensed therapist. The facilitators present techniques for improving coping skills, particularly learning to respond –appropriately – rather than react to difficult situations. The class learns about emotions, where they come from and how to manage them especially in our personal relationships.

Parenting Effectively (and enjoying your children)

Everyone wants to be a good parent.  And sometimes it is very, very difficult.  These classes are led or supervised by a licensed therapist and are open to anyone who wants to improve their parenting skills or address personal issues with parenting.  It also serves people referred by the Court, Child Welfare Services, and other agencies. This program uses the SAMHSA Model Program “Parenting Wisely” curriculum plus many other resources and meets Penal Code 273.1 requirements.

Domestic Violence

These groups deal with violence, including verbal and emotional violence.  They are for people concerned about violence in their lives and relationships, and for those who are court-ordered.  The groups cover the emotion of anger: why we get (too) angry, (too) often, and have bad outcomes.  The groups provide information about what causes excessive anger and uncontrolled violence.  And, most importantly, they cover what we can do about anger and violence in our lives.   This program is approved by the Napa Probation Department.


Programs offered in English and Spanish.

HOME - Honoring and Owning Men’s Emotions.

HOWE - Honoring and Owning Women’s Emotions.  

Alternatives offers as many as 5 groups per week; morning and evening, two in Spanish including remote (Zoom)

Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment

You are unique and this program is designed to be individualized.  Alternatives’ approach is largely based on Motivational Interviewing: helping people discover their own motivation and skills to change drug/alcohol use.  We think that Abstinence (no use of drugs or alcohol) is probably easier and more effective for many people in the long run. However, we also encourage Harm Reduction (learning to manage your use) for people who can’t see themselves quitting, at least not quitting right now.  Services in AOD are tailored to fit your need and your schedule, as much as possible.  We believe that drug/alcohol use is one way we attempt to manage our emotions and our life issues. It doesn’t always work.  So, we offer tools and solutions other than using substances.


Contemplation Preparation Group 6:00 7:30pm​


(California Drug and Alcohol Programs Certified.) Individuals and groups are led by certified drug and alcohol counselors. We know that every person has their​own unique needs. Our program is personalized with the focus of Substance Abuse Education; Relapse Prevention, Life Management, Mental Health Issues and Relationships.

Drug and Alcohol Education and Diversion (PC 1000)

This class is for people who might benefit from getting more information about drugs and alcohol, the problems they may cause, and how to manage the use and/or problems.  People charged with misdemeanor drug use can avoid jail if the Court qualifies then under Penal Code 1000 (drug charges). 

Programs offered in English and Spanish.

Case Management

Making changes is easier if we have someone to guide and support us.  Intensive case management includes frequent contact each week, developing case plans, monitoring attendance and providing assistance with employment, housing, education and family.

Drug & Alcohol Use Testing

Trying to stop using drugs or alcohol, even temporarily, can be a struggle.  Alternatives’ testing program is intended to give support.  It’s not just intended to ‘catch’ someone hiding their drug use.  Overall 90% of our tests are negative for drug/alcohol use.  We help people prove they are not using and offer a chance to validate your successful attempt to stay ‘clean’.  Alternatives provides drug use testing results for therapeutic purposes, for Federal, State and County Parole/Probation, for employers and for private individuals.

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