Alternatives for Better Living is now offering court and DMV mandated programs through our new DUI Program. Persons convicted of a first or subsequent arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), may enroll in a variety of programs based on their conviction. Completion of your designated program will satisfy the court and DMV requirements for a DUI conviction.

Alcohol and other impairing drugs are involved in approximately 40 percent of all traffic crashes in which someone is killed each year. If you drink alcohol or use other impairing drugs and drive, even a little, your chances of being in a collision are much greater than if you did not drink any alcohol or use any other drugs.

All programs are conducted in English and Spanish.

*To enroll in one of our programs please fill out the contact form below and one of our staff will contact you with all the information you need to enroll.

Sample Enrollment Process:


Week 1: Submit Intake online along with a deposit fee.  Intake includes 4 document submissions (You will need a link emailed to you to submit Intake).


Week 2 - Orientation:  We offer Orientations in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-3:30pm.  Orientations in Spanish are on Thursdays from 5-7pm ONLY.  (You will only get an Orientation appointment after your full Intake and deposit is submitted).


 Week 3 - Monday after your Orientation: Once you complete Orientation your Proof of Enrollment (DL 107), Schedule, Payment Plan will be ready the Monday after your Orientation.  In the third week you will start your program.


Thanks for submitting!

Alcohol and other drugs reduce the important skills you need to drive safely.

Judgment – Judgment is a brain-centered activity that stores all of your experiences and
knowledge so it can be used quickly when you face a new problem. Alcohol and other impairing drugs affect those areas of your brain that controls judgment. This is one reason why drinking alcohol and taking certain types of drugs is so dangerous.

Vision – The most important sense you use in driving is vision. Alcohol and certain types of drugs can blur your vision, slow your ability to focus and cause double vision. Your vision helps you to determine how far away an object is and the object’s relationship to your path of travel. Alcohol and other impairing drugs reduce the ability to judge distance, speed and the movement of other vehicles. With increasing impairment, you could drift across the centerline, wander from lane to lane, or even run off the roadway. Vision is affected for all drivers at a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as low as .02 g/dl.

Color Distinction – A lot of the information you receive on the roadway is from different colors
such as traffic signs, signals and roadway markings. Alcohol and other impairing drugs reduce
your ability to distinguish colors, which can be very dangerous.

Reaction Time – Alcohol and other impairing drugs slows your ability to process information and respond to critical driving tasks. Alcohol and impairing drugs makes you drowsy and less alert to what is around you.