“The information I’ve gotten from Joni in parenting class has become integral in our home. My relationships are growing in leaps and bounds.”


“Strong recommendations for Alternatives sessions. Much to be learned here about dealing with life and better ways to deal with the situations which life is constantly throwing our way. Big plus is the friendly and comfortable setting.”


“EXCELLENT PROGRAM. I was completely unaware of what I did NOT know!”


“Alternatives has taught me so many positive skills which I am learning to use in my every day life. I wish I had learned from these wonderful ladies when I was young. I am grateful.”


“I enjoy being here. One of the bright spots in the judicial system process.”


“The program helped me get myself out of the destructive cycle I created for myself. Changing the story I tell myself changed me."


“This class and group gives me the strength and confidence to address the issues that come my way.”


“This class on Tuesday mornings at Alternatives, has changed my way of life. It has opened many doors on the way, to react and think (differently) in situations of life. Thank you Joni and Jen for being there for us. I think EVERYONE could benefit form this program.”


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