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Managing Emotions (M.E.), Especially Anger

Why did I do that?!  I hate the way I feel!  Part of this class is to help us understand our feelings.  Another part of this class is to find ways we can change our behavior.  Most of this class is about how to have a happier more satisfying life.
This 12-26 week skill-building program is led by a licensed therapist and/or by a graduate level psychologist and supervised by a licensed therapist. The facilitators present techniques for improving coping skills, particularly learning to respond –appropriately – rather than react to difficult situations. The class learns about emotions, where they come from and how to manage them especially in our personal relationships.

Client Forms

Forms 1-3 must be completed in order to be enrolled in the program.

Payment may be brought in person to Alternatives for Better Living

or submitted via PayPal at or Venmo @AlternativesforBetterLiving.

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